Game Recipes From The Scottish Borders

With such a variey of options of ingredients, here we bring together a few of our favourite dishes. Some from our own kitchens and others classic game dishes. 

Roe Deer Tagine

Delicately spiced and slow cooked with north African spices – perfect!

Roe Deer Loin

Sealed and topped with a walnut and mustard crust.  An impressive dish

Buttermilk Partridge Burger

Marinading the Partidge breasts in buttermilk makes for a very special burger

Venison Nacho Cheese Bake

A quick to prepare and super tasty twist on traditional Nachos 

Pheasant Burritos

Burritos to go ? Enjoy a spicy altenative with these Pheasant Burritos with an avocado salsa

Pheasant Chorizo and Kale Hash

A stunningly simple Hash with Chorizo, Leek and wild Scottish Borders Pheasant

Griddled Szechuan Partridge

Butterflied partridges with rice vinegar, sweet chilli and soy. 

Partridge Leg Dippers

Perfect for nibbles serve these dippers with your favourite dipping sauce

Pulled Venison in a sticky Sauce

Totally indulgent burgers with a low and slow cook. Well  worth waiting for!

Game Meatballs

Serve with pasta, mash or sourdough, these meatballs are rich and generous

Pheasant Roulade

A dish for special occasions. Prepare in advance for the best taste

Venison Steaks in BBQ sauce

Cook these beautiful steaks medium rare for the tenderest juicy steak

Venison Chilli

A chilli loved by all, enriched with a touch of Chocolate.

Slow Roast Venison Haunch

A tender succulent dish with lots of gravy. A perfect family roast

The finest ingredients make the finest plates